Abelssoft Backup Crack 2019 Activation Key Full Free Download

By | October 3, 2018

Abelssoft Backup Crack 2019 Activation Key Full Free Download


Abelssoft Backup Crack 2019 Free Download

Abelssoft Backup Crack is a software program that helps you back up your important data in a safe place in case of corruption, accidental damage or some other form of unexpected data loss. Download Abelssoft Backup 2019 Crack, the simple and reliable tool that eliminates the hassle of protecting your most important files. It is a highly intuitive software that allows you to backup important data in a safe place, in case of unexpected data loss, damage or accidental deletion. It has a simple wizard that guides you through its backup process in several simple steps. Once you have configured the application, you can apply the same configuration in the future. You can also download AOMEI Backupper Professional 4.0.5.

Abelssoft Backup is a great piece of software, which lets you back up your important data to a safe location in case of corruption, accidental damage, or some other form of unexpected data loss.

It has some powerful configuration options, which allow you to personalize every aspect of backing up your data.

Abelssoft Backup has a modern, minimalistic interface. It has a simple wizard that walks you through your backup process in several simple steps. Once you have configured the app, you can then apply the same settings in the future.

Key features include:

  • Selective backup: choose the files to save and a title for the backup. The most common file types can be selected from a predefined list.
  • Automation: choose the time, when an automatic backup should start, or alternatively, Abelssoft Backup can start as soon as you connect your backup drive to your computer.
  • Password protection: you can protect your backups by using a password. By using a password nobody else is able to restore your data without knowing it.
  • Simple Restore: simply restore your backups when needed. Just choose a backup and a restore point, and your data will be restored within minutes.
  • Emergency Backup: Abelssoft Backup supports 1:1 drive images, which allow you to mirror everything, or a selection of your pictures, music files and videos on NTFS formatted partitions.

Overall, Abelssoft Backup is a good backup solution. Thats can be able to keep your backups up to date automatically, or manually. This has a number of configurable options to choose from, and it has an intuitive interface to work with. It is relatively lightweight and consumes minimal system resources.

Abelssoft Backup

It is a highly intuitive piece of software that enables you to back up important data to a safe location, in case of unexpected data loss, corruption or accidental deletion. It is aided by a powerful configuration set that lets you personalize each aspect of a backup job in detail.

Adopting a modern and minimalistic interface, the tool gives you the possibility to create a new job by following several simple steps in a wizard, or to open an existing one to use the settings already applied there.

Abelssoft Backup Crack 2019 Activation Key Full Free Download

Seamlessly configure backup options

Firstly, it is necessary to define the scope, namely the types of files to take into account for the operation. You can select one or more partitions, music, videos or pictures, Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Live Mail) along with Mozilla Thunderbird messages. It is also possible to include any custom files or folders, or files by format.

Secondly, you can define backup settings regarding the name, password protection, automated mode, and frequency, together with the storage location (local, removable or network location).

Manage backup jobs, run full and incremental backups, restore files

Multiple tasks can be added to the manager, and you can execute any of them with one click. The software utility supports incremental backup mode, which means that after it creates a full backup, it will update it only by adding new files and not by replacing the existing ones (in order to reduce job duration).

When it comes to restoring a backup, you can either copy all files and folders, or just extract the ones you want. What’s more, you can select between multiple versions after consulting their timestamps, view properties (storage location, size, frequency, protection, last time and date), as well as remove any of them from the list.

Evaluation and conclusion

No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the application didn’t hang or crash. It executes backup jobs swiftly while remaining light on system resources. Taking into account its advanced settings intuitively organized in an easy-to-navigate wizard, Abelssoft Backup should be able to suit everyone’s tastes when it comes to quickly backing up files without having to configure overly complicated options.

Reliably saves your work and data with full automatic schedules:

Abelssoft Backup backs up the most important folders by default, you didn’t have to make complicated backup settings by your own. If you want more, you will be supported to your individual backup thanks to intuitive processes.

Abelssoft Backup has a modern, minimalistic interface. It has a simple wizard that walks you through your backup process in several simple steps. Once you have configured the app, you can then apply the same settings in the future.

Abelssoft Backup features and highlights:

  • Select the files to backup, and a title for the backup job
  • Determine when an automatic backup should occur
  • Prevent unauthorized access to your backups with a password.
  • Restore your backups if you need it and choose which version of your backed up files you want to restore
  • Backup locked files
  • Supports the 1:1 drive images backup
  • High-speed solution for backups: With up to 90MB per seconds

There are only two things that you can do when something goes wrong and you lose data: you can bring it back with a data recovery tool or you can restore it from a backup. Since data recovery is a tricky process that doesn’t always work, it’s best to back up your important data. You can quite easily do so with the appropriately named Abelssoft Backup. This application will back up the data you specify, to the location you specify, at the time you specify. Should anything happen, you can easily restore your important data.

Abelssoft Backup Crack 2019 Activation Key Full Free Download

Activation Key

Abelssoft Backup is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions. At the time of writing this, the application provides support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Download an installer, run it, and a setup wizard will show up and help you install Abelssoft Backup on a PC powered by any of these Windows editions.

The main panel of the application’s interface presents the backup jobs you created. Next, to each job, there are buttons that allow you to run the backup job, restore data from that backup, edit the job, and delete the job. Underneath this main panel, there are two large buttons: one for creating a new job, one for opening an existing backup.

A wizard will guide you through all the steps you need to take to create a new backup job. First up, you will be asked to specify what data will be backed up. Then you will be asked to give the backup job a name and choose if you want to protect the job with a password. Then you will have to play with a few scheduling options: run a backup every hour, every day, every week, and more. And last but not least, you will have to specify where the backup data will be stored


Installed was completed without any difficulty. There is a required registration with an email address and a confirmation code that is included in the email sent to the user’s inbox which has to be entered into the software to unlock the trial period.

The software can install on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1. It requires the .NET Framework 4.0 or later.

There was no malicious software added during installation.


The interface is pretty basic with a blue look throughout. There are two main buttons to press: Create a New Backup or Open an Existing Backup.

The interface is clean with a lot of use of white space, many checkboxes to mark to indicate backup preferences, what to backup and restore, and so on.


  • Simple backup program without a complicated feature set
  • Clean interface that is not confusing
  • Create a new backup or open an existing backup
  • Automated backups that start every hour, day, week, month or when the storage device is next connected to the computer
  • Emergency backup feature
  • Create one to one drive image backups
  • Separate password protection for each backup
  • Name each backup
  • Pre-select most common file types to ensure they don’t get left out of the backup process
  • Automatically select all pictures, music and videos files for backup
  • Supports NTFS partitions
  • Supports USB drives
  • Fast backups at up to 90 MB’s per second


  • Perhaps has fewer features than corporations would look for, but ideal for personal users

Med Abelssoft Backup finnes det ingen dårlig unnskyldninger for ikke å sikkerhetskopiere de viktigste filene. Programmet gjør det nemlig såre enkelt å sikkerhetskopiere. Et par enkle trinn er alt som skal til for å velge hvilke filer som skal kopieres.

Programmet gjør det spesielt enkelt å sikkerhetskopiere til eksterne harddisker. Faktisk gjenkjenner og oppdaterer Backup utvalgte filer til en harddisk så snart du kobler den til.

Du trenger altså ikke å åpne programmet, men behøver bare å koble den eksterne disken til en USB-port, så klarer Abelssoft Backup resten.

Abelssoft Backup Crack 2019 Activation Key Full Free Download

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